This is a four-week course for aspiring customer education leaders to prepare to build and lead a customer education function at a fast-growing software company that drives growth, increases product adoption, and improves customer loyalty.

We've put all the content in suggested weekly groupings, however if you want to binge on the content you can, there are no restrictions on access!

$ 999.00 USD

Everything you need to know to create your first self-paced course!

60 minutes

This course will help you understand how to manage learner enrollments and perform common tasks like cancellations, transfers and bulk imports.

20 minutes

Everything you need to know to create your first instructor-led event!

35 minutes

Coming soon, please check back later.
A comprehensive guide to the Learndot methodology that will help you prepare and plan for a successful implementation!

30 minutes
A handpicked selection of webinars for Customer Education leaders
420 minutes