The Intermediate course is a library of short how-to videos. It is a great reference point for Admins who are looking for instruction on specific tasks.

Intermediate Learndot



In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Adding content
  • Adding users
  • Scheduling events
  • eCommerce
  • Advanced usage
  • Feature overviews


Adding Content
Adding a Training Provider (Partner)
Adding a Training Location
Adding an eLearning component with a Video and Quiz to your Catalog
Adding a SCORM eLearning component to your Catalog
Adding an Instructor Led Training component to your Catalog
Adding a Content component to your Catalog
Adding a Course to your Catalog
Adding a Digital Resource to an Instructor Led Training Component

Adding Users
Creating an Administrator in Learndot Enterprise
Creating an Instructor in Learndot Enterprise
Creating a Partner (Provider) Contact in Learndot Enterprise

Scheduling Events
Scheduling a Public Class Event in Learndot Enterprise
Scheduling a Private Engagement Event in Learndot Enterprise

Creating Product Categories and Products
Creating Discount Rules and Coupons

Advanced Usage
Power User Tips
Reordering Objects in the Catalog View
Creating User Groups
Using Custom Catalog Views
Using OneDrive (PowerPoint Online) with Learndot Enterprise

Feature Overviews
Adding Free Resources (a Stream) to your Learndot Enterprise

Intermediate Course Feedback Survey