This course will help you understand how to manage learner enrollments and perform common tasks like cancellations, transfers and bulk imports.


As a training manager, you need to know how to manage enrollments in the system so that you can help your learners when they have common questions such as 'Am I confirmed to attend this class?' ,'I can' make this class, can I transfer to a different one?' and so on. This course will answer these questions amongst others to prepare you for administering your instance of Learndot.

What will be covered in this course:

  • How to confirm if a learner is enrolled into training
  • Manual enrollments
  • Canceling and refunding enrollments
  • Transferring enrollments
  • Bulk importing enrollments


How to Manually Enroll Learners
How to: Cancelling and Refunding Enrollments
How to: Transferring Enrollments Between Contacts and Classes
Bulk Importing Enrollments
How to Confirm if a Learner is Enrolled into Training