Everything you need to know to create your first self-paced course!


Let learners take your training on their own time and at their own speed using self-paced courses. Create a course with a blend of training content that can include videos, SCORM packages, articles and more.

What will be covered in this course:

- Adding a video
- Uploading a SCORM package
- Creating an article
- Adding resources to supplement training content
- Provisioning virtual lab environments
- Constructing a course
- Pricing your course
- Sending a survey to gather feedback


1 - Compile Your Content
Add a Video
Upload a SCORM package
Create an Article

2 - Supplement Your Training
Link to Another Website
Attach a File
Provision Vitural Lab Environments

3 - Build and Sell Your Course
Construct a Course
Price Your Course
Send a Survey to Gather Feedback