Welcome to the Learndot Academy

Start with a customer education strategy

Create a vision and plan at your own pace -or- have someone visit who will guide your team through the process.

Advance your career by getting Customer Education certified. It will empower you to lead your company's customer education transformation and stand out in the industry as a Customer Education thought leader. (4 weeks, self-paced, 12h effort)

Get a Customer Education expert onsite to guide you through the strategy building process. (1 day, live in person, 8h effort)

Then learn Learndot

Learn the tactical steps to move your strategy forward.

Coming Soon - The Onboarding Process. How to effectively implement Learndot.

How to Create a Self-Paced Course. Everything you need to know to create your first self-paced course.

How to Setup Instructor Led Training. Everything you need to know to create your first Instructor Led course.

Understand how to manage learner enrollments and perform common tasks.